Mulberry & Burberry: Berry different indeed (Part 1)


So, originally I was going to write a post about my Top Three Looks from the Mulberry’s Spring-Summer 2013 Collection but, as I was doing my research, my aunt came by and made the following comment: “Mulberry? Wasn’t it Burberry?”


Mulberry and Burberry are very different, really. But hey! I get it; someone who doesn’t spend as much time as most of us in between Vogue’s pages is allowed to get all tangled up. I mean, phonetically speaking they’re quite similar. And well, they’re both from England, but that’s it.

Mulberry (founded in 1970) focuses in leather goods, especially women’s handbags. Eventually it developed Womenswear and Menswear and footwear, but those lines weren’t its main objective. Burberry Prorsum (latin for “forward”), on the other hand, started producing trench coats in 1856. This piece of clothing is probably the most characteristic article of the fashion house; and, it’s one of the favorites of the royals. According to the Voguepedia “Fetch me my Burberry,” King Edward VII would instruct his valet.

At the moment Burberry Prorsum produces clothes, fashion accessories and fragrances. Its distinctive mark is the checkered pattern below:Burberry Pattern

Now, this is all very interesting and all but what about their style? This, we’ll be talking about on the second part of the post. See you there? Hope so! ; )

Have a wonderful day, crazy diamonds! And remember to shine all over and dream on all day every day! Take care. Lotta Love. Ciao!


P.S.1. Feel free to comment, your opinions make us change for the better : )

P.S.2 Here’s the link to the second part of the article ; )

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