Alexander Wang: This is why he’s Balenciaga’s New Boy (Part 1)

The name of Nicolas Ghesquière’s successor was finally out earlier this month, and it was a wonderful surprise finding out the label would be managed by one of the youngest talents in the industry: Alexander Wang.

But, why is Wang Balenciaga’s new creative director? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s check out Alexander Wang’s Spring-Summer 2013 Collection, shall we?


1) Look A. “Tear me into pieces”. The futuristic air it has got thanks to the geometry in it makes it the representation of modernity. The straight cut of the garment makes it suitable for any body shape. The chest part is divided in many pieces so we think it’s smaller. It has got a “Y” shaped fake cleavage right under the chest pieces, and this is perfect because it stylizes the basic shapes and leads us to the final piece of the puzzle: the strip around the waist. Why is this important? Because this section is really loose, creating the illusion of a slimmer figure underneath.


2) Look B. “Hold me tight”. This outfit is the total antonym of the previous one. It’s too close to the body and has got a lot of details and textures. This is a good option for pretty slim people or for those who’ve got no curves at all: it produces them. I blame it on the huge diamond shaped pieces covering the chest: they make the ribcage look thicker. I like the section under the ribs; the way it embraces the waist and defines the hips makes it hot stuff.

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P.S.3. Photos taken from Vogue ES.

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2 thoughts on “Alexander Wang: This is why he’s Balenciaga’s New Boy (Part 1)

  1. love both these pieces just as much as Ghesquière’s. I completely agree with you about the garment construction. If you haven’t already check out Ghequiere in Grace Coddingtons’s Alice and Wonderland fashion spread. Great work and creative spread. There is a link on my profile if you are interested. 🙂 xoxo

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