Alexander Wang: This is why he’s Balenciaga’s New Boy (Part 2)


3) Look C. “Oh! Wow!” I love this dress 100% though I’m not quite sure about how you’re supposed to wear it since you may be showing a little bit too much. I’m thinking of a black leather short underneath, perhaps?  The lines on the sides not only work for the leg opening, they also delineate the body. Thanks to the way the dress is divided, our brains think the actual body of the model is just the central part, and that the rest are mere frills. So yeah, it pretty much makes you look thinner and taller (due to the leg apertures). The line slicing the torso into two contributes to cause this impression. The neck & chest part is my favorite: they make our necks look longer, our chests look smaller and our arms look well proportioned.

Plus: Did you know Wang prohibited the public at the runway show to take photos with flash? That’s right! But the answer is simple: the dresses didn’t need to be enlightened because… they glowed in the dark!


So, what do you think? Is Alexander Wang the right designer for the job? I leave it up to you! I certainly think he’s got talent; will he be able to manage two important fashion labels maintaining them well differenced from each other? I guess time will tell.

Well, that’s it for today! Have a lovely day, crazy diamonds! Shine all over and dream on because I’m pretty sure that’s what Wang does and… look at where he ended up! : ) Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!


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P.S.3. Photos taken from Vogue ES.

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