Balenciaga: Ready for a new beginning (Part 1)

So guys, have you heard the newsalready? Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director of Balenciaga since 1997, isleaving the brand! That’s right! This Summer-Spring 2013 Collection was the French designer’s last collaboration with the label. That is like, what? 15 years of working together? Wow! I certainly didn’t see that coming, did you? Anyway, I found this out on Monday and I thought, “I really have to make a homage to Ghesquière’s art this Thursday”; so here we go.

Balenciaga’s last Ghesquière’s creations’ Top Three:


1) Look A. The perfect “V” collar for the top is wonderful at creating the illusion of a longer neck. The pattern is all right. It’s perfectly logical they’re combining a darker color at the top with a lighter one at the bottom. Darker colors tend to make us look slimmer, while lighter colors work the other way around. This way, the ribs and waist look tinny and the hips seem to be generous. The skirt is tightened at the waist and falls gently all the way down to approximately 10 cm from the knees. Even thought the fabric isn’t playful or moves along, the lines it has modify with each step, making it look a lot more dynamic. Why does she look so tall? Not only because of the height of the skirt, the vertical lines help… a lot! And combined with that neckline… Poof! Killer combo!

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P.S. Read about Balenciaga’s new creative head, Alexander Wang at:,

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P.S.2. Photos taken from Vogue UK. Want to see the whole collection? Take a look!

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