Balenciaga: Ready for a new beginning (Part 2)

My second look of my Top Three belonging to Balenciaga’s Spring-Summer 2013 Collection is:


2) Look B. Patterns all over. The piece on the upper side of the outfit has a very classical cut: round neckline, no sleeves and pleats at the front aligned with the ribs produce automatically a thinner torso. Love the graphics; quite Byzantine. The blouse is a little baggy at the waist, which is perfect because the skirt is tighter and in fashion as in life, you have to look for equilibrium always. Remember! Proportions. The lower part of the outfit is a different story. I really don’t understand how come they look so good together being so different! The garment sort of reminds me of petals of peonies, so chic and elegant! See how the edge is black? It tricks our minds into believing the skirt is shorter, but wait! She’s not showing more skin! So it makes us think she’s taller as well. Pretty clever, huh? And see all the pointy ends? Movement that facilitates catching eyes. Designers, those geniuses!

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P.S.3. Photos taken from Vogue UK. Want to see the whole collection? Take a look!

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