Quick Post: Put yourself in their OMG Shoes (Part 1)

So, I had some free time today and I decided to write a quick post about the shoes of this season that, according to me, are authentic pieces of art. This is my Top Three of the Most Exquisite Pieces of Footwear a.k.a. shoes:

1) “Cedar”, by Jimmy Choo. Generally I’m not a big fan of animal print because it tends to look cheesy, but oh, wow! Jimmy Choo just made me swallow my prejudices with this pair of super classy printed pony pumps. Yes, pony, like, they used pony hair to make them; that, I personally dislike, but hopefully they have a version that doesn’t involve something else’s hair. I love the strips on top; they make you ankles look narrower. The colors are perfect, because black and white never die and they match pretty much everything. Heel high? 12 cm.


Continue reading at: http://wp.me/p2X2CO-1v

P.S.1. Feel free to comment, your opinions make us change for the better : )

P.S.2. Photos taken from Jimmy Choo: http://us.jimmychoo.com/en/us/autumn-winter-12/cedar-online-exclusive/invt/122cedarblppo/

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