What colour are you wearing today?


It is important to not only appreciate fashion, but it is more important to understand the elements of fashion. I want to focus on one element of design, color. Color (aka hue) is the most exciting element of design because it is what catches the eye first. It is the most personable and important part of fashion. For example, in picture 1, where is your eye drawn to first? The multi colored striped layer, right?

colColor represents feelings. For example, blue suggest that you are feeling down or lonely.color

Value means the lightness or darkness of a color. Under value there is tints (made when white is added). The opposite of tints is shades (made when black is added). The intensity is brightness or darkness of a color.

Neutral colors are black and white which are not actually colors. You cannot find black or white on the color wheel. Blackā€¦

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