Chanel now, Chanel then, Chanel Here & Everywhere (Part 1)

Chanel is my personal favourite, why? Not only because the maison itself it’s a synonym of grace and sophistication, but because the founder (Coco) was and always will be one of the best role models for us all and well, she’s sort of my idol.

As most of you know, July is the month when designers present their creations for the fall-winter season, so we all know how it is in the fashion world, everything going so fast… and that’s why CHANEL’s Prefall 2013 Collection is already out, that’s right!

So, this post will be dedicated to Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2012-2013 and Prefall 2013 Collections to see what has changed. Ready?

Karl “The Genius” Lagerfeld presented for Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2012-13 Haute Couture Collection 66 wonderful runway looks that include the classic CHANEL suit, coats, baggy pants, scarves tied in XXL bows, belts to the waist, pointy bicolour shoes, lots of squares, transparencies and GLOW. It invites women to feel like a fallen star when walking down the street, I mean, its almost impossible that someone wearing one of these pieces is ignored.

The following are my Top Three from that runway, based on what I call “The CHANEL Basics”: Equilibrium, chic formality and contemporaneous classicism.


1) Look A. Why is this a good choice? Because it stylizes the figure (equilibrates) making it look curvier and longer, mainly thanks to the four divisions of the body: one below the ribs (the jacket), other one at the hips (the pockets), one approximately four centimetres over the knees (the edge of the skirt) and the last one, at the end of the jacket’s sleeves, what’s there? Another sleeve, more open and in what seems to be leather, which really lifts up the look, believe it or not. Also, it’s important to realise the balance of the composition: he light and smoothness on the second sleeves, the tights and the tips of the shoes, neutralize the opacity and roughness of the fabric.

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P.S.2. Photos taken from Vogue FR.

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