Chanel now, Chanel then, Chanel Here & Everywhere (Part 2)


2) Look B. Oddly enough this look reminds me of Ana Karenina, there’s something about the fuzziness it transmits, I guess, which brings to my mind those little round fluffy hats the Russians use when it’s cold. Besides, don’t you love the colour? It’s so bright! That’s important because most designers keep it gloomy for this time of the year, but why should we limit ourselves? Again, there’s this division of the body: one at the waist (the belt), one at the hips (the jacket), and one around ten centimetres over the knees. The stability between dark and bright colours is still there, but now the tights are what calms down the strength of the pink. The same with the texture: furry VS smooth.


3) Look C. This one I just love because, just look at the collar! Isn’t it just sweet? It carries that naivety all women posses, like, it brings me back to childhood; and the palette, so soft, so delicate, it just reinforces the previous idea. The creative thing at the collar is that it’s really open to the shoulders but not into the cleavage, which keeps the poise. The buttons right in the middle of the upper part of the body bring symmetry, and the belt on the waist makes anyone look fitter, because it’s naturally the smallest part of the upper body. Plus, the thing Lagerfeld does with the bagginess at the chemise and the texture of the skirt, makes the waist look smaller than it really is. Also, the open sleeves kind of make us think the body inside the blouse is smaller than it really is, which gives the illusion of being slimmer. Note: if you’re short (As I am) NEVER wear a long skirt if it’s not up to the waist, unless you want to look like a shapeless dwarf (believe me, experience speaking).

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P.S.2. Photos taken from Vogue FR.

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