IN VOGUE: It’s all about Marni, honey! (Part 1)

As we all know, VOGUE sets fashion; if it’s in VOGUE, it’s on. A few months ago I was going through (my personal favorite) and, in the section of “Croisière 2013”, I found at the top of the page a picture of a look that belonged to a kind of style I certainly hadn’t seen before; the name on the image? Marni. I didn’t pay much attention to it because I was looking for Chanel, but the word “Marni” kept repeating itself over and over in my mind. A couple of weeks ago I was re-reading one edition of VOGUE and in one note about Eva Mendez, I saw a picture of a shoe that reminded me of Chloé with a bit of Blanhik; guess the fashion label? Marni.

What happened next? I decided my next entry on this blog was going to be about Marni, and here it is.

What should you know about Marni? It’s relatively a young fashion label and it is so, a fashion label, not couture. The designer has been Consuelo Castiglioni from the start and, as the name suggests, it’s Italian.

Marni’s looks are definitely something to think about, because the cuts of the clothing are conservative, but the patterns are something you’d never imagine in such garments; and that, my dear readers, is exactly what makes it fabulous: the creativity behind the surprise that makes us say: “Ah!”

Here are my top three belonging to, as you may have deduced by now, Croisière 2013:


1) Look A. First word that comes to my mind to describe this? Tomboy, don’t you think? I love the pants, we’re so used to the skinny ones that this is good for a change. The horizontal stripes make the part of the legs look thicker, but due to the baggy effect, this visual illusion makes us believe that the legs underneath the pants are actually thinner. The lightness of the lower part of the outfit contrast perfectly with the vivid colors on the upper one: the hot & cold of the chemise is always a good choice (red + blue). The vertical lines on the chemise make the upper part of the body look longer and slimmer. The detail on the neck is really a nice touch. I wouldn’t wear the brooches, though.

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P.S.2. Photos taken from Vogue FR:

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