Chanel now, Chanel then, Chanel Here & Everywhere (Part 3)

So yesterday we talked about the Fall-Winter 2012/13 Collection and wow, it feels like it came out so long ago… Though Winter 2013/13 hasn’t even started, but oh, well. To save us from boredom the Prefall 2013 Collection is out already, and let me tell you something… I LOVED IT! (Yes, with capitals). This collection is simply amazing, I don’t know how Karl does it but he managed to put together 70 looks which theme was “Métiers d’Art” (name of the collection). Fancy to take a look?


1) Look A. I’m speechless. The composition’s perfect. My favorite piece is the jacket, which equilibrates the light because all the clothes underneath are in dark tones. The necklaces are a great idea because it divides the chest into many parts, which creates the illusion of a slimmer person. This is important because with SO many garments on, we can look as fluffy as a teddy bear and though it is cute… well, no. See the checkered pants? They’re hip high and this is because they embrace this part of the body telling it’s exact width; this to remind people that underneath those 101 clothes there’s actually a person fitter than it appears to be. The shoes are great and, let’s be honest, you can’t wear heels with this outfit, you’d unbalance it completely (they’re too small). The gloves are a piece of art, I mean, look at them! Finally, see the hat? It’s meant to make the head look bigger because the rest of the body already is; again, equilibrium.


2) Look B. What a skirt, ladies and gentleman! But I’m not sure, is it a dress what’s under the marine blue layer or is it part of it? Anyway, THIS blue skirt is my favorite piece of the outfit and of course, it had to be waist-high, why? Because then the division of the body into two is a little upwards and we appear to be a) taller and b) slimmer. Now, waist-high divisions are dangerous for people with a big ribcage, so if that’s your case, wear a baggy top to disguise it, ok? The upper part of the outfit makes you look bigger due to the collar and the fabric; still, it’s a wonderful sweater, look at the sleeves! The patch of the center keeps it from being too simple. And again, balance of light: dark colors and light colors. I’d switch them, though, because dark colors make you look fitter, so wearing them in the upper part is what I always do. Leave the light colors waist and under because they’ll give you bigger hips. See the amount of necklaces she’s wearing? Their purpose is to create the illusion of a longer neck, but only if there’s an open cut underneath it (like here, for example, it’s pretty wide); otherwise it will look as if you have no neck at all.

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