Chanel now, Chanel then, Chanel Here & Everywhere (Part 4)


3) Look C. Oh. My. Dress! Lace all over! See the two belts? The first one is creating a fake waist and is located in the middle of the ribs while the second one is creating fake hips and is located on the waist; the fake hips are reinforced by the fluffiness under the last belt. Why so? So the final division’s location is higher on the body and so, we appear to be taller. Love the lace, really. And the transparencies. It’s sort of ethereal, a dress worthy of a princess or an angel. The jacket is gorgeous and would pump up any outfit. The details on the shoulders make the central part look narrower, and, have you seen the sleeves? The bracelets on top of the garment are an excellent idea, but well, we’re talking about Lagerfeld’s designs here, of course everything is a great idea. See the collar on the jacket? How the detail begins not exactly where the neck itself does? Again, to give the illusion of a longer neck.

Oh, wow! That was refreshing, wasn’t it? I always like to look at beautiful things to relax a little. As you can see, Chanel is one of those styles only strong women can wear, because otherwise, the clothes end up wearing you due to the vigour of the textures and the sharpness of the cuts. “But some girls look so naïve and delicate in Chanel!” Yes, innocence can be very powerful, ask the Disney princesses!

Finally, I’d like to say it’s kind of magic how Chanel is so European, like, a women wearing Chanel out of Paris look like a delicate rose in a beautiful jar, but women wearing Chanel in Paris, look like a rose in an open field: right where it belongs.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Shine all over & don’t forget to dream on, crazy diamonds! Take care. Lotta Love. See ya!


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P.S.2. Photos taken from Vogue ES-

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