Drew Barrymore as “The Girl Next Door”

Style could be called the 6th sense, because even though it’s related with sight, being able to see doesn’t mean being able to match glamorously. Really, one of the advantages of it is its capability to be developed, so well, that’s another difference: you’re not born with it, it grows in you. One of the many mistakes made is that people often believe that designers’ clothes and expensive brands guarantee style and I don’t have to say they’re awfully wrong, right? Oops! I said it. Because it’s true.  You don’t have to have an expensive wardrobe to outstand, garments sold at places like H&M, Forever21, Zara or Mango, will do.

For today’s post we’ll get inspired by someone who mixed pretty basic pieces that clarify haute couture isn’t the only one able to create a fashionable outfit: Drew Barrymore. This is what drew wore for an informal outing at the launch of Kimberly Snyder’s nutritional juice bar, Glow Bio, and it granted her a place into the Best Dressed on the week from November 12 to 18 by VOGUE UK (http://www.vogue.co.uk/spy/celebrity-photos/2012/11/12/best-dressed-12/11/12/gallery/1).

So, what to you say? Shall we begin?


What is she wearing?

Drew is wearing dark blue skinny jeans, black boots, a horizontally stripped black & white t-shirt and a blazer. Now, I know I’ve been saying for a while now that horizontal stripes make us look bigger, and well, I’m right about that one, but if you want to wear them, this is a perfect way to do so: with layers. Remember visual illusions are here to help, and that our brain perceives that the last layer (from outside to inside, the first one outside being number one) is our real body surface. What did Drew do here? Wear a blazer that shortens the amount of stripped t-shirt we see, leaving a well-defined opening.

Here’s something important, how do I know it’s a blazer? If the fabric is light and manageable, it is a blazer, if not, it’s a jacket. The advantage of this blazer is that it delineates Drew’s body at the aperture, letting us see something like this: ) ( : the basic woman figure.

I wouldn’t have worn boots though the trick is that they sort of match the jeans and therefore they produce the effect of longer legs.

Why skinny jeans? They’re the best choice for us girls, they define our legs perfectly and in dark colors, stylize them a whole world.

See how she tucked in the t-shirt? It creates this baggy-shirt effect that make us believe she’s slimmer than she really is because it’s as if her body was too thin for the garment. Plus: it hides tummy bumps if any.  

How to copy?

This one’s a really easy one, isn’t it? I believe I have the elements to copy Drew’s outfit right here in my bedroom!

3 Final tips:

1)   I’d recommend pumps instead of boots, because high heels + skinny jeans are a killing combo.

2)   Wear colored blazers, warm colors (pink, red, orange, yellow), are the best options.

3)   Accessories! There isn’t that much place in here for accessories, but a bracelet with charms in one hand makes a real difference.

4)   You can wear this at a breakfast, at school, for a cup of coffee, at a brunch, at the office (most of them). Make this your wild card.

Well, my crazy diamonds, I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Keep shinning all over and dreaming on like I know you love to and until Thursday! Lotta love. Ciao!


P.S.1. Feel free to comment, your opinions make us change for the better 🙂

P.S.2. Follow me on twitter: @alanandall 


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