Dior: L’Haute Couture has never been so neat (Part 1)

So, it’s Monday and Mondays are always hard because it means waking up early (generally) and they command us to go back to real life. But, hey! You know what gets me into a really good mood on days like this? Haute Couture. That’s right! And especially yellow clothes because, well, I love yellow.

Its cold this morning, so I picked up Fall-Winter 2012/13, and I bet you all know what was the key yellow garment of this season… Yes! Dior’s beautiful bright yellow dress taken out from my wildest dreams. And you know what I love best about it? It’s really simple.

As a matter of fact, those two marked the beginning of fashion as we know it today are always honoring one of the main commandments in the industry: simple is better. “Oh! But we have talked a lot about designers mixing textures and styles in a very Baroque way!” Well, yes, rules were meant to be broken, but here’s the thing, you just don’t go ahead and break them, you have to know how to do so. As in pretty much everything, we have three groups on the field: the conservatives, the moderates and the liberals.

Obviously, due to the constant changes in today’s world, the liberals have the biggest number of designers enrolled, why? Because there are so many tendencies to cover, it would be a total waste to leave the public unattended. Of course, some of us are more, well, “old fashioned”. Some people will always need something timeless, and as we all know, the only ones that can fit in the profile are classics.

Christian Dior believed the clothes would help a woman stand out only if she had the right attitude, I mean, it’s such a shame when the clothes end up wearing you instead of being the other way around! Designers as Dior or Chanel wanted the person itself to be the focus of attention, not what they were wearing. The clothes just have to pump our personality, not overshadow it.

Wooh! I that was a long introduction, but hey! You had to know the context! Here, from Dior’s Haute Couture Fall- Winter 2012/13 Collection, we have my Top Three:


1) Look A. Speaking about timeless… look at that! And of course, it had to be black, the true color. Tell me if you wouldn’t look at yourself in the mirror while wearing this and say: “Mirror mirror, on the wall, who’s the classiest of them all?” There certainly is no-need for an answer when a picture is worth a thousand words. The long V cleavage matches perfectly with the open cut of the pleated skirt. It’s versatile and will never let you down. The black long sleeves that practically act as a second skin stylize the arms, and the cut just under the ribs help dissimulate your belly if any. There’s no texture and the thickness of the fabric makes it even more uniform. Perfect. Want to look like Grace Kelly, anyone?

Continue reading at: http://wp.me/p2X2CO-4k

P.S.1. Feel free to comment, your opinions make us change for the better 🙂

P.S.2. Photos taken from Vogue FR.


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