Dior: L’Haute Couture has never been so neat (Part 2)


2) Look B. My God! Look at that beautiful skirt! I love the waist-high cut, because it doesn’t just make you look taller, it also makes you look slimmer. The “thinner” effect is strongly supported by the puffiness of the skirt, which makes the upper part look teeny tiny.  The texture, color selection and pattern of the skirt make you think you don’t need anything else but a plain pair of shoes and a plain t-shirt; and well, that thought would be accurate, look at the outfit! The t-shirt is very delicate and generic. The fabric? I’d dare to say is silk, but I’m not so sure.


3) Look C. This was the star of the collection, and what a star! Shining brighter than the sun, huh? Again, long sleeves. The upper part of this dress is pretty much the same as the upper part of the previous look. The lower part? Pretty much as the first look, but longer. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, but you have to be careful when wearing it, because well, brighter colors can make your body look bigger than it really is. Especially this dress, so tight at the waist, shouldn’t be worn by anyone who hasn’t got plain abs. Has it been black, like the first one, well, you might trick the audience, but with such color, no way.

So, what do you think? Has Raf Simons honored Christian Dior’s name? Totally. As you saw, all the pieces were eternal, completely immune to any trends or fashions; they’ve got a style of their own. They help to compliment and complement, because remember, fashion is a mere accessory to your personality and it helps you define yourself only if you have something to define.

My! Look at the time! I’ve got to go, but hey, crazy diamonds! Shine all over and dream on! Take care. Lotta Love. Ciao!

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P.S.3. Photos taken from Vogue FR.


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