Dress Along To: Begin Again by Taylor Swift – Recommendations


I’d wear the skirt with a simple cotton plain white t-shirt as well. A different option for a good matching clothing piece is a white silk chemise or a white collared top. Most colors are allowed when talking about t-shirts, of course, but just plain shirts, ok? Don’t add any more patterns because we have enough with the one on the skirt. Now, if you really want to wear something patterned, make sure the pattern belongs to the same style and well, it can’t be a t-shirt anymore, it has to be something a little more formal. Preferably, the pattern has to be smaller than the one on the skirt. It’s perfect for a walk around the park or an informal brunch.

Have a wonderful day and remember to dream on and shine all over, my crazy diamonds! We have a whole new week ahead of us and who knows what surprises it may bring us…

Take Care, my friends! Lotta Love! Ciao!


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