Louboutin and Louis Vuitton: Not the same at all! (Part 2)

Where were we? Oh! Yes! Styles!

Louis Vuitton is pretty conservative and sometimes, too sober for my taste, but it’s got pretty amazing stuff (for example, the boots I’m showing you guys). My main concern about wearing any Louis Vuitton garment is that you risk looking plus agée (French for “older”) than you really are. Here, I picked up my favorite shoes from this fall/winter 2012-13. I chose to display some of their footwear as well so you can see that even in the same area, they’re pretty different.

Louboutin goes beyond our imagination, he’s all about imagination, innovation and edginess. Metal or jewelry applications, flashy colors, feathers, animal print and lacquer are only some of the few incorporations to his works of art. He doesn’t fear heels height or shapes, nor textures or conventions. My favorites from his collection were the ones below (I know they’re pretty sober, but believe me, they’re by far the soberer on the catalogue and well, yeah, I’m pretty classic).

3 2 1

So what do you think? It’s quite clear that as similar as they might be phonetically, they’re opposites when materialized. Remember, next time you’re talking about Louboutin or Louis Vuitton and someone asks you the difference, well, you know what to answer.

Have so much fun today your heart feels like blowing up with joy! Shine all over and dream on, crazy diamonds! Take Care. Lotta love. Ciao!


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P.S.3 All the photos were taken from:

Louis Vuitton-http://www.louisvuitton.fr/front/#/fra_FR/Collections/Femme/Souliers

Christian Louboutin-




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