Jean Paul Gaultier- L’Enfant Terrible is here to steal the spotlight (Part 2)


2) Look B. What a dress, ladies & gentlemen! Transparencies, transparencies everywhere! I love the contrast of textures and the iridescence of the fabric! The color lies somewhere between a dark-greenish blue and a yellowish green, and though I’ve never seen it before, I think it’s a perfect fit for this season, don’t you? The imperial cut (tighter right in the middle of the ribs, under the breasts) makes the skirt fall beautifully, due, in part to the lightness of the material used on its making. This kind of dress favors almost any women. Do you see what he did with the sleeves? How they’re a little bit more open? Well, it serves the purpose of making the arms look thinner and longer. The geometry employed on the design is delightful and, in a way, adds symmetry to the body, which, believe it or not, potentiates our beauty (or so its said).


3) Look C. Talking about geometry, look at that! Transparencies and black and velvet and leather: Gaultier (if you have any questions, look at the pattern right where the legs begin, you’ll see his name written pretty clearly). What can I say about this work of art? Maybe just, if you’re planning on wearing it outside a gala or a red carpet, you should probably put something underneath; I mean, it’s a little bit too much skin. Oh! Just not something black, please! Wear something salmon or peach or nude or yellow, it’ll look way better. Even white or gray are acceptable, just stay away from black because you’ll totally mess up the details. The triangles upside down help the upper part of the body look longer, and the velvet at the end of the skirt is a faux end, so it actually looks shorter than it is. The section of the chest is perfect, because it sobers up the whole thing.

So, now you know! Whenever you want to steal the spotlight and look like Marilyn Monroe in her rock star mode, go for Gaultier! I’m crazy about his designs and his outrageous style, what about you?

Oh, I know! You’re shining all over and dreaming on, crazy diamonds aren’t you? Well, go on lighting up the world and ‘til next post! Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!


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P.S.3. Photos taken from Vogue FR.

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