Valentino: Prêt-à-porter? Prêt –à- aimer!

For today, I’ve chosen my dear Valentino, and let me tell you that even though his couture is genius, the prêt-à-porter is totally breathtaking. Valentino is simply the best, I mean, if you had a million different ceremonies and parties to attend and you only had a Valentino Boutique nearby, you could totally rock it in all the events with the help of the Italian creations. Don’t buy it? Check this out!

In 60 looks, the designer shows us how amazing clothes that even wearing when walking down the streets or buying something at the 7/11, would make us feel like we’re on the runway. The colours Valentino uses in this collection are beige, black, gray, red and white, with pinches of green. He uses mostly leather and silk, along with recurring transparencies and embroidery; in other words: stylish eclectic.

Being honest, what I love the most about this collection is that it doesn’t look just wearable during fall or winter; it also would be super chic during spring or summer; it’s killing combo: versatility and flexibility, is a huge plus nobody should ignore. But enough with the talking! Lets check the Top Three, shall we?

Look 1

1) Look A. Black and white never die! This is the proof that classics will always be classics. The skirt up to the waist ending at the knees makes the body look longer. The hood is gorgeous and it’s perfect for any kind of body, because due to its shape, it will always look as if the part of the body underneath is slimmer. The leather is super sophisticated and the game between the collars of both, the chemise and the hood, make the neck look longer. Hello, high fashion heroines!

Look 18

2) Look B. This coat has to be like the coolest thing ever. The patterns are beyond beautiful. The collar is perfect for giving the illusion of a longer neck and, due to the divisions (the upper part of the coat and the squares at the lower), it makes the model look taller. The division at the upper part is super smart, because it’s just below the ribs and it’s sort of the new waist. A perfect piece, five stars.

Look 25

3) Look C. Ever since I looked at this dress, I wasn’t able to take it out of my head, I mean, could you? The flowers! The flowers! It is also in leather. The division of the body is right at the waist and again, the collar makes the neck look longer. I must admit that the detail on the shoulders isn’t my thing, but in this dress it just seems like it belongs there. Whenever using this kind of detail at the shoulders, make sure they start like in this Valentino dress: right at the edge, more in the arms than in the shoulders. It’s could be inside Lady Gaga’s wardrobe, an elegant Lady Gaga, and I LOVE Lady Gaga.

So? What do you think? Valentino for Christmas? Please, please, Santa, please.

Shine all over and dream on, crazy diamonds! Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!


P.S. Feel free to comment, your opinions make us better : )

P.S.2 Photos taken from Vogue FR:

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