Elie Saab: Turning Women into Goddesses with the “Zip” of a Dress (Part 1)

Today’s post is dedicated to Elie Saab’s work because recently this Lebanese is sprinkling some of his magic powders over Latin America, beginning with Mexico at Saks Fifth Avenue. Even though there will only be prêt-à-porter and accessories, it’s a good start, right? Quite disappointing, though, be cause Saab’s real strength is gowns, the most beautiful and dreamy dresses anyone can imagine.

The thing about this designer is that, putting it simple: every creation of his is pure magic. Somehow, he manages to take lace and ribbons and sequins and turn them into a perfect combination that contrasts delightfully with the contemporary and, at the same time, nostalgic romanticism of the clothes.

His Fall-Winter 2012-2013 collection was shown during the first days of July in 47 wonderland looks in salmon and beige and aqua and golden and chocolate brown and baby blue and golden and beige and green and golden that pretty much confirm all I said before. Do you want to take a look?

Here you go! Ladies and gentleman, my Top 3:

*Note: We’ll see in the following images that Saab loves to cut the figure exactly on the waist (with what seem to be colored leather belts) and to use vaporous fabrics to create a mystic yet classy effect. This killing combo is practically his trademark.


1) Look A. OMG! Coco Chanel used to say black was one of the few true colors and I can’t but agree. I like very much what he does here separating the collar from the cleavage. The collar is straight and goes from shoulder to shoulder and this is what makes the figure look symmetrical and exact. The cleavage, which is kind of heart shaped brings back the curves, enhancing natural womanly characteristics such as hips and breasts. The way the skirt falls is actually very helpful, because due to its wideness at the end, the upper part seems smaller. This dress is simply stunning, wouldn’t you feel like Charlize Theron in “Snow White and the Huntsman” wearing this beauty?

Continue reading: http://wp.me/p2X2CO-8k

P.S. Feel free to comment, your opinions help us change for the better ; )

P.S.2 Photos taken from Vogue FR:


P.S.3. Twitter: @alanandall


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