Elie Saab: Turning Women into Goddesses with the “Zip” of a Dress (Part 2)


2) Look B. This one has the same collar than the one before but zero cleavage, just pretty lace with sequins everywhere and a golden belt to shape up. The lower part falls right into the body, with the cloth almost kissing the skin. The somewhat straight skirt makes the figure look taller and stylized. Isn’t it like something Ariel from the “Little Mermaid” would wear? I love the color and the best about it is that it goes with any skin. The pattern on the lace is so tenderly wavy its almost like dipping into calmed waters at dawn. I’d feel like Poseidon’s daughter in such a thing, seriously.


3) Look C. Look at this picture and tell me if Saab’s work of art isn’t the brightest sunset you’ve ever seen, it’s amazing. I just love how just below the collar (straight, like the ones before) the chest is showered in some kind of golden splatter made of all kinds of textures.  Long sleeves are always elegant. The material of the lower part of the gown is heavier, so the skirt falls open, kind of like an A shape, still not as opened as look A or as closed as look B. However, being the bottom wider than the top, it makes the top look smaller just like the first look. I chose this look, because it marvels me how Elie Saab is capable of using golden, and still, make me feel like I’m watching modern Anastasia walk down the runway.

So here they were, my top three. As you may see, it’s obvious not every city has an Elie Saab Boutique because his creations are made to be worn at cotillions, galas, red carpets… Anyway, it isn’t a reason to avoid admiring his creations and falling in love with them; and dreaming, dreaming badly.

I hope reading this post made you realize that we all live in our very own fairytale, it’s just that sometimes we forget it because we aren’t wearing the right dress. But hey! Remember, the dress is just the core, and with the right attitude, even a bag of potatoes turns into the finest look (please don’t experiment with potato bags).

Shine all over (& dream on), crazy diamonds! Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!!!


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P.S.2 Photos taken from Vogue FR:


P.S.3. Twitter: @alanandall


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