Michael Kors: The Fatal Temptation (Part 2)


2) Look B. The skirt is genius, because it looks like a sort of poncho, which increases the ethnical look that the pattern already gives. The sweater is cool, just a little bit too average and I rarely like knitted stuff, especially when the linen is so thick. The belt is a good touch. The shoes are super nice, they make the legs look longer and the feet look thinner.


3) Look C. This one’s my favorite! The leather blouse is absolutely beautiful! The baggy beginning of the sleeves and the tight end make the arms look thinner, and the pleats on the neckline help the blouse get puffed, which makes the body look slimmer. The trousers are super low rise though shorter (If you’re short don’t wear this kind of trousers unless they’re super low rise and you’re wearing high heels) and the fabric is a great choice because it makes them look more léger. The black Mary Janes are really cute.

As you could see, the favorite colors of Michael Kors are red and black, and even though I love the combination because they’re both very strong colors, they remind me of the flag people use for strikes; maybe when wearing them we’re actually protesting, protesting against looking like everyone else and not standing out; we all deserve to stand out.  Also, they’re very dark colors, a warning of their sinister power to seduce us: try on under your own risk.

Well, that was it for the Fall-Winter 2012/13 Collection; want to check out the Prefall 2013 one? Wait it out!

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P.S.2. Photos taken from Vogue ES:


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