Michael Kors: The Fatal Temptation (Part 3)

So, now it’s time to see Michael Kors’s Prefall 2013 Collection, aren’t you excited? I am! Here’s my Top 3:


1) Look A. The upper part of the jumper is gorgeous. The transparencies on top make sure we show skin but not too much and create a fake strapless top. The strapless cut is generally good because it makes our necks look longer and let everyone see our beautiful shoulders. The zipper in the middle divides the garment vertically into two, making us look slimmer and taller. The belt on the waist helps to mark it and due to the thickness of the accessory; it’s like our waist began right under the ribs, creating the illusion of a taller person. The fabric is perfect because it isn’t too baggy nor adheres too much. The pants with a skinny-like cut (the ones that follow the natural shape of our legs) make us look taller.  The one thing I don’t like is the shape of the sleeves, see how they are too short and you can sort of see some skin trapped? Just…no.


2) Look B. This outfit is really cute, and very lady-like.  The top is classy as hell but here’s one thing, see how open the cleavage is? If you have a big ribcage or torso, it will make you look huge. The neck appears to be longer with this garment. The skirt is right at the waist, which makes us look taller (if you are short, wear heels with this because the skirt is kind of long). See how the beginning of the skirt is yellow and forms a sort of yellow belt? It creates bigger hips due to the light color and all the brightness of the fabric. The actual belt is alright; I would have worn one of another color, though. Maybe black or yellow or white, not brown. The gloves and pointy are the final strokes.

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P.S.2. Photos taken from Vogue ES:


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