Michael Kors: The Fatal Temptation (Part 4)


3) Look C. Hello, Hollywood! Love the strapless cut. The bikini-like detail on top contrasts perfectly with the model’s skin and sends the attention to the bare chest and shoulders. It’s a quite simple dress but works in delineating the silhouette of the body. The belt on the waist marks it, so we know how teeny tinny it is; this is actually an important accessory because the pattern makes the model look bigger than she really is (patterns can be dangerous with the wrong cut). Don’t believe me? Look at her belly… This is an excellent option if you have little hips. Again, gloves and pointy shoes to complete the diva look. Very nice.

Well, that was it chères readers! I hope you liked this week’s post and fell for Michael’s modern and cosmopolite style!

Which collection do you prefer? Fall-Winter 2012/13 or Prefall 2013?

Shine all over and dream on, crazy diamonds! See you soon! Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!


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P.S.2. Photos taken from Vogue ES:


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