Isabel Marant: Westerns are back… in Paris (Part 1)

Honestly speaking, I’ve never been a fan of westerns, probably because to me they’re foreign and I take them as part of the folklore of another country. Say for example, when someone says the word “Western” what comes to my mind are cowboys, so that’s pretty much why I chose this title for today’s post. Isabel Marant’s Fall-Winter 2012-2013 takes us back to those characteristic landscapes where duels took place and checked chemises and boots ruled the place.

Isabel Marant is relatively new in the business, and it’s a little bit more relaxed than the rest of the designers, mainly because she doesn’t work with haute couture; even though this is prêt-à-porter, it can be considered as way too relaxed compared to other maisons.

Anyway, we don’t always have to be all fancied, we could also wear more comfortable clothes and still look super fashionable. Wait! Comfortable and fashionable? Well, yes, it is possible. Don’t believe me? Take a look to Isabel Maran’ts top three!


1) Look A. Didn’t I tell you? Totally western. This look, composed by a white blouse, a white skirt and a blue & gold patterned belt is super simple and super comfy. Advantages? You can wear this almost anywhere in daytime! At school, at Starbucks, at SoHo… The embroidering on the blouse is beautiful (don’t you love the heart in the middle of it), and of course, the star of this season’s prêt-à-porter: transparencies. The skirt is actually very casual and the design isn’t complicated, the special thing about THIS skirt is that it is made of silk, which makes it compliment our movement, making us look more graceful.

To be continued.

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P.S.2. Photos taken from Vogue ES:


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