Paco Rabanne: A Touch of Midas for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is coming! Do you know what you’ll wear already? They say wearing golden brings economical prosperity, and I don’t know you guys, but I might take a shot! The thing is, golden outfits? Where can I get them? I know of a certain someone whose specialty is making outfits touched by Midas: Paco Rabanne.

If I could describe Paco Rabanne in one word, it would be “originality”. I mean, let’s be honest, this guy really has got creativity! Don’t believe me? You’ll see it in a bit. Another reason I chose Rabanne for this week’s post is that he’s a great designer and most people only have heard of him because of his perfumes: “One Million” and “Lady One Million”; not fair at all.

In order to expose & analyze Rabanne’s works of art, I picked my favorite looks of the Fall- Winter 2012-2013 collection. Are you ready? Here you go! My top three:

1) Look A.  The third place goes to this black & golden suit. I love the longitude of the blazer, the golden details on the side, and how it opens in the end. Especially the design on the bottom edges of the blazer caught my attention, because it adds a beautiful motion, resembling to the frailty of a butterflies wings. The pants are average black but the belt does add a certain something, plus, do you see what he did with the belt and the blazer’s edges? He’s framing the blouse the… metallic blouse! I mean, those look like coins, right? Who else would have thought of doing such a thing? And in such a striking way? Nobody, nobody, nobody…

Look C

2) Look B.  The second place goes to this leather & metal black blouse and skirt (although it looks like a little black dress, right?). I love the shreds, I just love how they hang all over and the glow of the plastic look they have. The thing about this look is that it uses very conservative patterns but turns them all around! Take a look at the skirt, for example; see the buttons on both sides of it? That’s a classic, but we’re used to it in its regular making, made on regular fabrics. Also, see the neckline detail? That’s the one most of us used as little girls but, oh, wait! It’s made of leather and framed with a super thin metal chain.

Look B

3) Look C.  The first place goes to this black, gray and blue dress. Now, the real question here is, what is it made of? It looks like chips, like those used on board games and casinos. Well, I think it’s a brilliant idea to do something like this: it’s futuristic, it’s unique and reminds me of the dresses used for Charleston. The long V neckline is ideal for stylizing the upper part of the body and the division right at the hips is truly clever because it means any woman would look great in that dress (Yes, any).

Look A

So? Midas for New Year’s Eve? And what do you think? Next time you hear “Paco Rabanne”, will you go beyond “One Million”? If you do, my work here is done.

Have a wonderful day (morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night) and remember, shine all over and dream on, crazy diamonds!  Take care. Lotta love. Ciao!


P.S. Feel free to comment, I’d love to hear from you ; )

P.S.2 All the photos were taken from

P.S.3. Twitter: @Alanandall


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