the power of music

One of my favourite songs performed by one of Karl Lagerfeld’s muses… Perfect.

l i t t l e c i t y


when i was in my teens, i experienced a shift in my life. the details aren’t entirely mine to share, but i will say that things seemed to be falling apart in every area of my life, in a way that was typical to a sixteen year old girl. after one overly dramatic incident between friends, i locked myself in my room for a week solid, listening to vienna by billy joel on repeat. although it may not have been the words, the melody, the song itself that gave me the strength to face my self, it’s the song that i ultimately associate with my own courage. to this day, if ever i need to remind myself to tackle one thing at a time and not be so hard on myself. even now, listening to the song as i write, i feel myself remembering the strength it took to heal…

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