Dolce & Gabbana: Simplici…what? (Part 1)

Today is super sunny, and well, on days like this I remember spring is only a season away and that I should be preparing my wardrobe for it already. Spring is bright colors and wonderful patterns, at least for me, and do you know who comes to my mind when thinking about bright colors and wonderful patterns? That’s right, Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce & Gabbana are a legend. I mean, seriously, who hasn’t heard of them? (If you haven’t, please continue reading. You owe it to your sense of style). What’s even more amazing about them is that they used to be a couple; just picture that! Fashion created by the power of love (and not any kind of love, the Italian kind of thing). They recently broke up, like 7 years ago or something. I was like: “Wow! If Dolce & Gabbana didn’t make it, what chance do I have with anybody?” But oh well, you know what they say: seasons change and people change no matter what you believe. Like Buddhism teaches us: nothing ever remains the same, not the good things, not the bad things. Pure impermanence.

We can say the same thing about fashion, right? There are so many things we might not like about a season or a collection, but we can always give it some time and voilà! New tendencies, new shapes, new textures… But we have to be open to see the change here. Imagine how it would be if you get mad to a designer just because the last collection was, according to you, a complete mess? What if you decided then that you didn’t want anything else from that label? And what if next season was absolutely amazing and you missed it because of your little drama?

Girls (& boys, if any), fashion is life: constant changes, lots of tragedies, lots of joys, lots of rage, lots of pleasure; it’s a matter of who you are and how you wear it (or live it). I strongly believe a true fashionista can turn any outfit into a runway look, as I believe a really successful person can make it with almost nothing.

Almost nothing? Certainly not Dolce & Gabbana!!! They created the adjective “massimalismo”, which would be the antonym of “minimalism”. So? So that means they believe more is better; hard to believe, right? It’s even harder when we hear everywhere we have to keep it simple. But wait! Don’t go and hang everything on you as if you were a Christmas tree! You have to do it like the pro’s, and I’m going to show you how. Here, from the Spring-Summer 2013 Dolce & Gabbana collection presented in Milan, my Top Three:


1) Look A. The dress!!!! It screams “SUMMER” so loud it makes me feel sad we haven’t even gotten to winter! And look at those earrings, for goodness sake! They are one of a kind. Remember, long earrings help your face look “longer” (not in a “long face” sense), so wear them if your face is really round or sort of squared, they will really help you out. Also, it’s recommendable to tie your hair when wearing them, just so they can be appreciated. The high-cut helps dissimulate the tummy and the openness of the sleeves and the skirt make the model’s extremities look thinner. No mention the girly and naïve touch they add to your walking. I’d say the fabric is silk, which helps a lot to the movement. Square cleavages make you look wider, so wear them only if your shoulders are small and your back and breast are petit. The brightness of the colors matches any type of skin, and the patterns are put in a way they don’t cause any distasteful visual effect. Pretty, really pretty.

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