Giambattista Valli: “I want a woman to feel the cut of the scissors in the clothes.”

Are you familiar with this name? Well, I must admit I wasn’t until a couple of months ago. The first time I saw one of his designs was, obviously, on a page of a VOGUE Magazine, and since then, I just kept tripping on images of his beautiful designs almost every time I flip a page of a fashion magazine. It’s natural if a few of us are not related with this label because it’s only seven years old. Wow, right? So recognized in such a short period of time! Well, that’s what talent grants you, my friends.

Valli’s designs are complex (generally composed by more than one layer and more than two textures) and very womanly. The dominant colors of the Spring-Summer 2013 collection are golden, white and red. The effects? Transparencies. Texture? Fabric flowers. Cuts? To the waist.  Generally I try to vary the sort of clothes I choose for the top three, meaning I usually pick looks composed by pants, chemises, blazers, skirts, sweaters and dresses. This time, however, I chose what I think summarizes the best Valli’s style: Dresses.

And that’s another reason for writing about him today: dresses, what we all want to wear on New Year’s Eve. Ready or not, here we go! The Top Three:


1) Look A.  “SPRING IS HERE!” or so it seems to shout to the world. The first look is this fabulous, classy and super girly white flowered dress. The faux- V-cleavage makes the upper part of the model’s body look longer- as if needed. I love the fact that is a fake cleavage because if it had that cleavage instead of the circular neckline it actually has got, it wouldn’t be as elegant; I mean, the skin would be just a little bit too much. The frills a the waist help dissimulate any abdominal bump existent, helps your waist look smaller and your hips look wider. The cut at the front of the skirt differences it from an average pencil skirt, giving it movement and a kind of relief that makes it unique –plus, it makes the walking easier-.


2) Look B. Hello, tsarine! I picked this dress because it makes the transition from season to season easier; meaning the designer still keeps some details from Fall-Winter on this piece. Examples: Long sleeves and the baroque look of the faux red jacket. Also, the color combo; I don’t know why white and red remind me of Christmas time. Anyway, the whole thing is beautiful: Look at the red flowers detail! That lace is exquisite. The white fabric is ideal for this season, why? It’s very thin and fresh, plus it reflects the light of the sun giving us a precious nacre glow. The pin-up shorts underneath the dress are an excellent idea, because we can still use the transparencies to our favor- a woman’s legs are the hell of a weapon- and look super graceful and zero improper.


3) Look C. Roses. The first thing I thought when I saw this dress was: “Roses”. Look at it closely; the detail of the skirt makes it look like the petals of one of the most romantic flowers that ever existed. The lace gives a sensual air to the whole piece, and the transparencies, again, keep it from showing a little bit too much. Transparencies are perfect for eye-illusions; they mock our senses badly. For example, take a look at the lace part just under the draped skirt: it’s got a pointy end and leaves uncovered the upper part of the legs. Frontal pointy ends in skirts aren’t very recommended, and even less when they show that much of our legs, but hey! You know what! Here’s transparency to save the day, turning a not-such-a –good-idea to an oh!-wow-I-must-have-it.

It sort of reminds me of Valentino and Elie Saab, what do you think?

Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting a label that promises to turn into a legend in the fashion world.  I certainly did.

Shine all over and dream on, crazy diamonds! Take care. Lotta love. Ciao!


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