GUCCI VS PUCCI: The Italian War Is On (Part 1)


Whenever any friend of mine tells me off because I don’t happen to know a certain song, haven’t seen a certain movie or never heard of certain book, I throw at their faces the following sentence: “Oh, really? Well, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Gucci and Pucci!”

My sister’s answer to this statement was by far the most reasonable: “Gucci is written with ‘g’ and Pucci with ‘p’” The funny thing is that it takes just a letter, it only takes one letter to go from a luxury brand to haute couture. Another fun fact: they’re both Italian.

Gucci’s whole name is “House of Gucci”, and its creative director is Frida Giannini. Even though Gucci is VERY recognized in the fashion world, it is not couture; it’s a luxury brand like, for example, Louis Vuitton. Pucci is the abbreviation for Emilio Pucci, and it is qualified as haute couture (even though here I’ll show their prêt-à-porter); its chief designer is Peter Dundas.

So, those where two dissimilarities between Pucci and Gucci (the letter and the classification), but hey! What about the style? That’s the real thing, because its what makes you tell a Gucci from a Pucci just by sight. In order to define the approaches of Pucci & Gucci I’ll compare eight looks (four each) from their collections of Fall-Winter 2012-2013. For all the comparisons, I took two looks that, even when using the same elements, were also defending their signature.

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