GUCCI VS PUCCI: The Italian War Is On (Part 2)

Let’s start, shall we?

1) Skirt & Chemise


Similarities: The skirts belong to the same style. The chemises have transparencies and turtlenecks. The two mannequins are covered in black.

Differences: The Gucci skirt is made in velvet and has got some kind of belt made of the same textile, while the Pucci one is made of leather and has an aperture on the left side. The Gucci chemise has puffed sleeves and the transparencies are covered with lace, while the sleeves of the Pucci one stick to the arms and the transparencies on the chemise are very clean, small and simple.

2) Slacks & Chemise


Similarities: Vaporous fabric for the chemise.

Differences: Where do we start? The Gucci slacks go all the way to the floor, are super loose and start on the hips, while the Pucci ones start on the waist, have no drawings on them and finish around 15 cm before they get to the ankles. The Gucci chemise has velvet details, puffed sleeves and ties, while the Pucci one appears to be completely plane. I love the sweater on the Pucci look, btw.

3) Cocktail Dress


Similarities: The length of the skirt. Vaporous fabrics. Adjusted at the waist. Black.

Differences: The Gucci dress has got a V cleavage covered in frills, lace and puffed sleeves. The Pucci dress has got a halter cleavage and a v-neck combined, an aperture in the vertical middle of the skirt, and sleeves that work as a second skin. It is also very plain and the details are on the seams, which give the illusion of geometry.

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