Emporio Armani: Are you ready to be conquered?

Do you have your first outfit of the year picked out yet? Do you already know what you are going to wear when you first step into your office or school this 2013? Well, fear not, Armani is here to help.


1) Look A.  Goodbye, symmetry! Let’s break the rules a little here, shall we? If you read last week’s blog (as I hope you did) you’ll recall Gaultier’s fall-winter 2012-2013 collection was all about what Armani’s violating here: symmetry. Well, my friends, weren’t we talking about how fast fashion changes? Anyway, I love the lightness of the blouse, don’t you? It’s interesting how transparencies here are more opaque than last season. Also, there’s no skin showing under the clothing, but that’s mainly because that isn’t something the label loves to do. I’m in love with the skirt, which is very classical and contrasts with the unusual cut of its upper body compliment. It’s funny because if you see half of the outfit vertically, one half looks like a dress and the other like two different clothes. The colors are very light, again, to repeal the heat, and the metallic touch gives it a sophisticated air that lets us know who’s the boss.


2) Look B. Uh! Leather with texture!  Absolutely genius. I love the idea of wearing something that isn’t a jacket or a sweater or a blazer over the dress, simply because it innovates and originality is something the world craves. The dress is all right, I mean, it’s got a very traditional cut, the grey fabric under the light brown one makes gives it a complexity that boosts the look and makes the dress look longer, even though it’s obviously quite short. The leather blouse on top contributes to this optical illusion. Tip: buttoning the first button (yeah) of the accessory clothe on top makes you look thinner. Also more conservative, so be careful and use your judgment; else you’ll look like a very young grandma.


3) Look C. I. WANT. THAT. BLOUSE. What an idea! Really! Oh, and using black and white, the most powerful combo ever… just breathtaking. See how the sides of the blouse are longer and pointy? Well, it works for making us look thinner; as well as letting the darkest color be the dominant one. Take a look at the pattern on the skirt, see how again, it’s very classical but it’s contrasting with the abstract cuts of the blouse and the skirt itself? Also, the fabric is sort of plasticized, which adds modernity to the whole thing. Fun fact: the plasticized fabric reflects the light, which is almost like having our own spotlight as we walk, isn’t it amazing?

So, how can we summarize what we have learned about Armani? Like this: They like to 1) take classics and twist them up a little by 2) complementing classics with unusual textures and shapes. Post modernism on the runway, see? That’s why I say fashion is simply art in motion.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye, crazy diamonds! I hope you’re completely conquered by Armani as I am! Shine all over and dream on! Take care. Lotta Love. Ciao!


P.S. Feel free to comment, we’d love to hear from you!

P.S.2 Twitter: @alanandall

P.S.3 All the photos were taken from Vogue.fr; enjoy!



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