Fendi: Lagerfeld’s Trendy Façade

Hey! Did you know that Lagerfeld designs for Fendi? Yes! Of course, Fendi’s style contrasts big time with Chanel’s, mainly because it’s trendier and “newer”. It’s a different side of the Kaiser, a side I adore as well.

For the Summer-Spring 2013 season, Fendi bet on my favorite piece of clothing, one that I’ve been praising for the last couple of weeks. Any guesses? Yes! Shorts! But not any kind of shorts (classics are meant for Chanel) this is Lagerfeld’s risky face and you’re about to see how you play this. Are you ready? Here’s my Top Three:


1) Look A. Hello, safari! Don’t the colors make you think of Africa? Look at the necklace on the black blouse’s neck: it’s gorgeous! Such a chic tribal detail on a beautiful top! About the top I can tell you I love the length of the sleeves and the cut, see how they are chemise-like? They make your arms look skinnier. Also, did you notice the sleeves sort of merge with the blouse? Baggy clothes continue being on the top of the list. The final detail: The discrete aperture at the neckline that makes the neck look longer. The orange belt is the perfect match for the following item: some kind of hybrid between a short and a skirt. See how the faux skirt is longer than the short? It makes the short look even smaller and our legs longer. Oh! And it’s a very feminine detail, and very playful as well.


2) Look B. Mine! The colors! The funny thing about this outfit is that the greenish-grayish jacket is perfect for this summer look even though the tint is more of a Fall-Winter tone. The height of the shorts (up to the waist) makes you look taller, and makes your legs look longer. The belt is a perfect touch because otherwise, the orange short would look like a giant piece of simple and tasteless clothe over the model’s belly. Note: Warm colors tend to make you look thicker. The remedy? Wear a jacket or blazer (darker) that ends up at the waist. Why? It will limit the visible area. The bluish- greenish blouse is really pretty, and I love the neck detail and how it combines with the neck of the jacket.  They make your neck look longer only if the collar inside is smaller than the one outside.


3) Look C. Wow! Cosmopolitan! I love the elegance the wide amount of black provides to the outfit.  The skirt-short hybrid is the same model than the one on the first photo, only in different colors. Guess what I love about the upper part of the composition? Yes! Geometry! The giant blazer is a YES! To pump up an outfit that ends up too soon (meaning, shorter than usual). It automatically gives sophistication to the whole thing. Oh! And see that lovely movement it makes when walking? Butterfly wings, my friends. Note: blazers with that kind of collar aren’t very recommendable if you have a wide back, it will make it look larger. Finally, about the top, see how it has some darker colored lines on the sides? Yes! The division/shadow effect that makes anyone look slimmer. I wish I could see some more of that top, though. I really like it.

Well, did you like Lagerfeld’s Trendy Façade? I sure did!

Hope you liked the post, crazy diamonds! You’re shining all over and dreaming on, right? You’d better be! It’s what you’re meant to be doing. Take care. Lotta Love. À bientôt!


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P.S.2. Twitter: @Alanandall

P.S.3 Photos taken from Vogue.fr. Here’s the link, so knock yourselves out!



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