Altuzarra: New York’s Fashion Capricious Boy

Today we’re going to talk about a relatively, new talent: Joseph Altuzarra. Altuzarra worked as an intern in Marc Jacobs after sending his resume to the company in a whim. He consolidated his career as designer for Givenchy, even when he didn’t have such a warm welcoming to the company, why? Because he hadn’t studied fashion like everybody else; fun fact: He actually majored in art. No wonder he’s got such an extraordinary vision!

Altuzarra is not afraid of experimenting and innovating over and over again. His designs are quite unorthodox, but, oh, God! Aren’t they wonderful!

Wanna take a look? Alrighty! Here it is, from the Summer-Spring 2013 Altuzarra Collection, my Top Three:


1) Look A. Whoa, the jacket!!! You can wear it either putting your arms inside the sleeves or, as we can see on the image, not! It adds movement to the walking, plus a lot of poise: it sort of reminds us of the preppy boys, doesn’t it? The rest of the garment ‘s got a rather traditional cut. I love the patterns, but remember, if you’re a little bigger than usual, they’re definitely not a good idea. What is a good idea is the t-shirt underneath, for example: long V-neck, vertical lines, and hidden by the layer on top. The skirt is classic as well, but look at the belt: Genius! The belt helps us look slimmer by being wide at the edges and thin at the center. Why? It produces this “v” effect that makes us believe the waist is smaller. Tell me what the heart of the outfit is? The clasp of the belt (which becomes he point of the “v”). Also, thanks to the belt it seems you’ve worn the skirt up to the waist, which is all the glamour without the discomfort.2

2) Look B. Wow! I fell in love with this outfit. Skirt up to the waist with a large edge belt-like on the upper part, a little black jacket that works the same way as the previous outfit, and that beautiful blouse. Love the golden frills and the aperture on the chest (it divides it into two and makes us look leaner). The neck detail (haltery) is always a good option because it outlines the neck and makes it look longer. Plain colors, especially black, favor any body structure.


3) Look C. Now, this is what I was talking about when I mentioned imagination! The golden top with fake scales is amazing! Pros: The relieve hides any tummy you might have. Cons: The relieve makes your body look bigger. Where’s the skirt up to? That’s right, the waist! Attention! Be careful and make sure the gap on the bottom is small; if it’s open you’ll look pretty large because it will follow the fall right from the hips, which happens to be a very wide body part. Gap on the bottom small? How do I even walk? That’s why Altuzarra placed that strategic opening on the left side of the item. The final detail is that sort of scarf she’s got on the right side of the upper part of her body and tied around her waist, falling gently on the hips. Falling on the hips? It makes them look bigger and therefore, your waist looks smaller. Covering the right side of the top is another mind trick: it makes our brains believe the model is as thin as the part of the golden top that shows.

What do you say? Altuzarra’s got a bright future ahead of him? I certainly think so! Have a wonderful day, my crazy diamonds! Shine all over and dream on like you always do! Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!

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P.S.2. Twitter: @Alanandall

P.S.3. Images taken from Vogue ES. The whole collection is wonderful, be my guest:


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