Versace: Little Black Dreams

More ideas for tonight! So, if what you like is to be pretty in black, Versace is the one for you.

Whenever somebody talks about Italian fashion, three labels pop into my mind immediately: Gucci, Armani and Versace. Now, I’ve already spoken about Gucci and Armani, so it’s about time to complete the holly triad with a post dedicated to Gianni Versace’s legacy. Why hadn’t I written about it yet? Because, to be honest, I didn’t like their haute couture fall/winter 2012-13 collection (Sorry!). The thing was that the colors used at their designs were too bright for the season. I know fall/winter isn’t synonym of opacity, but it’s certainly necessary.

Why? Well, have you noticed how when it’s really hot wearing dark colors makes us feel like we’re getting cooked? That’s because dark colors absorb light, which goes through a process I’m totally unfamiliar with that ends up turning luminosity into heat. What most of us want during fall and winter is to be nicely warm, right? Unless you live on the southern part of the hemisphere where there’s sun and fun, which makes Versace’s fall/winter haute couture collection perfect for you. Bright colors reflect the light, so it doesn’t capture it and no extra energy is heating up our bodies.

The comical thing is that Versace’s prêt-à-porter fall/winter 2012-13 collection is based on a dark palette, mainly black, one of my favorite colors. I know we’ve been checking out Summer-Spring 2013 collections, but the weather has become really cold lately and I thought, “I love all new collections, but this climate inspires me to write about fall/winter instead.” And so I’m doing. Here’s my Top Three from Versace’s prêt –à-porter fall/winter 2012-13 creations:


1) Look A. Simple but complex at the same time; futuristic yet classic; bright and dark at the same time: a complete paradox. The cut of the dress is pretty simple, what makes the garment a real something is the detail on the upper part of the outfit, that silver horseshoe shaped detail. What is it that makes it great? This bright thing reflects the light into our faces, eliminating shades and therefore, making us look younger. As we can see, the rest of it is black, which every woman knows helps us to appear to be thinner. The plus here is that the faux metal feature on top outlines the figure, so when we see the person wearing we focus on the darkest part and our brain thinks: ”Oh! That’s a really teeny tinny body.” Another thing, see where the horseshoe-like element ends? Right under the ribs, right before the waist. What does this do? Generate the illusion of a longer torso, a leaner body and a smaller waist.


2) Look B. Another paradox. The cut is traditional, the faux metal downward “T” is the modern touch that revolutions the whole outfit. The horizontal light colored line is in the same place the horseshoe detail of the previous dress ended, see? It has the same purpose: leaner body, taller woman, smaller waist. The vertical line right in the middle of the chest divides it into three perfectly equal parts. Vertical lines will always make you look taller and thinner, specially if it’s only one in the middle, because it cuts you into two and instead of seeing one full-size bloc, we see two little ones.


3) Look C. This piece leans more to modernity than to classics, even though the cut is, like in the previous dresses, traditional. The neckline is wide and goes a long way down, which could make the upper part of your body look bigger than it actually is. The details that define the waist and go from the lower half of the breasts right to the hips delineate and redefine the shape of our body, creating curves even if they’re not there. See how they outstand at their ends (upper and lower)? That’s because the metallic edges, being so bright and out, make the breasts look bigger and the hips look wider.

What has Versace taught us today? That it takes one meaningful and unique thing to revolution your whole image and transmit your essence. Have you found it yet?

I hope you are having little black dreams tonight where you’ll be wearing these beautiful little black dresses, I’m certainly gonna. And if you wear them awake, well, you’re probably walking on a dream. Speaking of dreams, promise me to always dream on, crazy diamonds, because dreams built our future and help us become who we really are: bright stars meant to shine all over. Happy New Year’s eve!!!!!

Now go ahead and have a wonderful day! Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!


P.S. Feel free to comment, we’d love to hear from you! : )

P.S.2. Twitter: @Alanandall

P.S.3 Not enough pics? All the images were taken from Vogue ES, check out all the runway looks!


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