BCBG Max Azria Knows About Comfort (Part 2)

Part 1- http://wp.me/p2X2CO-cr


2. Look B) As a whole, the outfit shouts movement. Look closely, excepting belt & shoes, the rest of the components are loose and don’t constrict the body.

Blouse: The colour is real pretty and brightens the skin, an effect that is reinforced by the golden details on the shoulders. Let’s pay attention to this. See the shape of the details? It tricks us on thinking the chest is actually smaller than it seems, giving the illusion of a thinner and taller figure. The style of the aperture at the end of the sleeves matches the one of the skirt, and it serves the purpose of making our arms appear to be leaner.

Skirt: I love the geometrics behind the seams of this garment. Thanks to them, the skirt moves as it does and allows our legs to run and jump (not too high, though) without troubles. It’s high cut (up to the waist) because this makes us look taller and slimmer. Careful with this effect, ok? Be sure of having the right size of skirt (or short or pants) and blouse. If any of the pieces are too small, you wouldn’t look that pretty.

Belt: The belt is a key component here. Why? Because it divides the silhouette into two (making us look taller) and tell me, what colour is it? Exactly, black, so our waist appears to be smaller (and therefore, we’ve got a thinner person).

That was it for today, crazy diamonds! Dream on and shine all over ‘cause life’s too short to prohibit ourselves such pleasures.

Tomorrow, the final chapter and the Nº1 look!  ; )

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



Photos taken from Vogue Italia:



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