Oscar de la Renta: My Kind of Fashion (Part 1)

Hey, there!

Have you seen Oscar de la Renta’s Prefall 2013 Collection?

Oh! It’s to die for!

It’s sort of preppy yet cosmopolite and ladylike but modern. Definitely, my kind of fashion.

Here’s the third place of my Top 3:


1) Look A. Mainly black, of course.

Sweater: The cut is perfect because it’s got a long yet closed V cleavage which makes our necks look longer, and the kind of sleeves (with a small end) make our arms look longer and leaner (thanks, too, to the material used because it adheres to our bodies). The buttons in the middle are always a good idea because they split our torso into two and make us look thinner.

Skirt: Up to the waist to make us look taller and slimmer, illusion reinforced by the belt. Seems to be shorter because the lighter colors at the end, so we actually think the garment ends where the black does. It’s not too open or too close to de body, which is actually perfect. Also, it’s got some sort of “A” cut, which gives us more movement and adds our walking playfulness. Oh! And it hides any bumps if any.

Stockings: LOVE THEM. They complement perfectly the patterns on the skirt and sort of merge with the classic & simple pointy heels.

What do you say? Like it so far? You’ve got to see the rest!

Have a lovely day, Crazy Diamonds! Shine all over, dream on and do all those things that make you happy. Let’s seize the day.

Take Care. Lotta Love. See you soon. Ciao!



Photos taken from VOGUE SPAIN: http://www.vogue.es/desfiles/prefall-2013-nueva-york-oscar-de-la-renta/7922


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