Oscar de la Renta: My Kind of Fashion (Part 2)

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Hi, hi! How are you doing today, huh? Me? Fantastic!

Time to carry on with the best looks of Oscar de la Renta’s Prefall 2013 Collection! Ready to see the second place? I am!


2) Look B.

Chemise: The chemise is a wise and safe choice for anyone. A white shirt is always a must, and one like this, with the round neckline and the little “v” aperture at the top and vertical pleats (to make us look longer and thinner) is a gift sent from God, or should I say Oscar de la Renta?

Necklace: Big necklaces are a good idea most of the times, why? Because they divide our torso vertically making us look taller and thinner, and, if the one you have ends like this, right on top of your belly button, helps dissimulate any bumps if any.

Jacket: The jacket is beautiful! The colours (blue and emerald – the colour of 2013) are perfect because, remember, darker colours make us look slimmer! The cut is great because it isn’t too tight and the green edges serve the purpose of creating an imaginary extra layer to stylize the whole look. Note: Jackets make you look fitter most of the time because they limit the amount of shirt to notice, meaning they create an optical illusion that make people believe you’re as thin as the portion of chemise showing!

Pants: Classical cut enlarging the hips (to make our waists look smaller) and embracing the legs (though giving them space). What for? To make us look taller. Classical pointy heels are the right shoes for this outfit, though it may vary.

Belt: Intelligent accessory that divides our bodies one more time and mark the symmetry of the outfit (the main piece is right in the middle).

Great for a second place, isn’t it? Imagine the first one!!!!

Have a great day, my Crazy Diamonds! And, you know, shine all over and dream on even when you don’t feel like it, you know why? Because that’s what you’re meant to do, and if you do what you’re meant to do, you’ll always feel better.

Gotta go but see you soon, alright?

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



Photos taken from VOGUE SPAIN: http://www.vogue.es/desfiles/prefall-2013-nueva-york-oscar-de-la-renta/7922


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