Oscar de la Renta: My Kind of Fashion (Part 3)


Isn’t it exciting? It’s Thursday already! Which means we’ll be enjoying our weekends in short! (and, of course, in a very fashionable way)

Ready to see the winner of my Oscar De La Renta’s Prefall 2013 Collection?

Take a look!


3) Look C.

Blouse: Pink and fantastic, honestly. The volume it’s got disguises stomach bumps if any, and the neck detail frames our necks making them look longer. The buttons right in the middle mark the symmetry and make us look slimmer and taller (yes, all that just with buttons in the middle). NOTE: When wearing a blouse, bring a huge necklace along so it divides your body and give the illusion of a thinner you.

Skirt: Same cut as the one on the first look: not too loosen and not too tight. Must be worn right below the ribs so it makes our torso look longer (and therefore, we look taller and slimmer, VERY important when wearing horizontal lines).

Jacket: Short sleeved, horizontal lines and framing the center so it seems the center is all there is (meaning, people’s minds think we’re as thin as the portion of our blouse showing). Dark colour to make us look thinner. Damn, these designers know everything! Shoes? Pointy heels, of course.

What do you think? Do you agree with my top 3? Did you like the winner?

Check out 3rd and 2nd place!

3rd: http://wp.me/p2X2CO-cZ


I have to go but it was lovely to be read by you, crazy diamonds! Shine all over and dream on because the world is short on little sunshines like you!

Take Care. Lotta Love. See you soon!



Photos taken from VOGUE SPAIN: http://www.vogue.es/desfiles/prefall-2013-nueva-york-oscar-de-la-renta/7922



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