Cavalli’s “Gothic-Chic” (Part 1)

No one does exoticism like Roberto Cavalli, and his Prefall 2013 collection is no exception. This time he picked up a darker palette and tons of geometric and baroque patterns perfect for a gothic-chic.

This is the third place of my Roberto Cavalli Prefall 2013 Collection’s Top 3:


1) Look A.  This dress has sharp and defined lines that sort of square the body. The fabric falls easy.  The top part ends at exactly one third of the torso to give the illusion of a taller person. The black and white lines dividing the garment help this purpose, as well as the length of it. The lighter colour is on top and the darker just below. Why? Because darker colours make us look thinner and the impression of “thin” is given by the size of the waist and the hips (located at the block with the wine tint).

What do you say? Simple yet fashionable. And comfortable. I’ll take one, please!

Second day of the week, crazy diamonds! Keep shining all over and dreaming on like you surely were on the weekend ; ) Positive mood, guys!

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



Photos taken from VOGUE SPAIN:


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