Cavalli’s “Gothic-Chic” (Part 2)

Hey hey!

Ready for the second place of Roberto Cavalli’s Prefall 2013 Collection is:


2) Look B. I’m in love with this dress! The details on the shoulders make our arms look leaner and longer, the black edge on the collar defines the center and guides us to the thin aperture for the cleavage, which slices our torso into two and makes us look slimmer. The black line right at the waist doesn’t go all around, why? Because its length is actually smaller than the waist, see? The skirt falls beautifully and gives our legs space to walk and dance and just be.

I so need it in my closet! So innocent yet classy and that gloomy air is catchy, don’t you think?

See you soon, crazy diamonds! Remember, tomorrow we’ll be presenting the first place! So excited! : D But in the mean time, shine all over and dream on because, well, like Coldplay says: “God gave you style and gave you grace. And put a smile upon your face”.

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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Photos taken from VOGUE SPAIN:


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