Cavalli’s “Gothic-Chic” (Part 3)

Hi, there! : )

It’s almost weekend and to celebrate, let’s see the winner of Roberto Cavalli’s Prefall 2013 Collection’s Top 3, shall we?

Here you go!


3) Look C. THIS IS CAVALLY, ladies and gentlemen! This. Is. Cavalli. Wow! This beautiful dress is the result of the sum of baroque patterns plus animal print; what a clever mixture of patterns and textures! The gloves are the cherry on top. The animal print at the skirt makes the eye believe the garment is shorter, why? Because the actual dress is the baroque pattern. The details at the torso can make you look wider but, who cares?! You’ll look killing classy. See the brown thing that’s framing the skirt? It’s to mark divisions and redefine the waist, making us look both: taller and thinner (so it sort of lessens the effect of the torso).

I LOVE IT!!! Don’t you? Walking around in THIS practically transforms you into a work of art.

Well, crazy diamonds, that was it for Cavalli’s Prefall 2013 but don’t be sad! Next week we’ll have some haute couture to finish the first month of the year with the best of the best. Shine all over and dream on! It’s cloudy lately and we might need some more light : )

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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