Chloé: “Léger” is the Keyword this Spring – Summer 2013 (Part 1)

Hey there, crazy diamonds! How are you doing today? Me? Well, lets just say I’ve been better: flu + sleepless nights + too much homework + drama = no good. But hey! What do I win complaining about it? I’ll just try to seize the day as much as I can because a grumpy gal isn’t the kind of person I want to be around all day… and you see, I live with myself.

Anyway, those of you who read us yesterday know that this season, Chloé turns 60! That’s right! And that’s why I’m dedicating this week to the label previously named.

What amazed me the most about this collection is how light (léger) it is, I mean, the fabrics are perfect for your body & skin. Oh, yeah, and your look. Wanna see?

Here’s the Cholé Spring-Summer 2013 Prêt-á- Porter Collection’s Top 3:


1. Look A) Please check out those white baggy striped pants. Comfortable? I think so.  The vertical lines make us look taller and the looseness of the garment make us look skinnier. Now, do you see the white transparent blouse underneath the black sweater?  Super fresh, right? And again, loose. The white line on the bottom of the piece creates the effect of a belt, adding divisions to the outfit and you already know that the more divisions the better; why? They stylize our bodies giving each part their own spotlight. Finally, let’s analyze the black sweater. See where it ends? Right at the waist, so if you don’t have a marked waist, you’ll have it by wearing this. The three-fourths sleeves make our arms look longer.

What do you think? Like it or “nah”?

Gotta go, my friends, but see you soon? Have a wonderful day shinning all over and dreaming on. I’ll sure do the same! : D

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



Photos taken from Vogue France:


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