Chloé: “Léger” is the Keyword this Spring – Summer 2013 (Part 2)

What’s up, crazy diamonds? I hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Ready to see the second place of our Top 3? Be my guest!


2. Look B) What an interesting piece, isn’t it? I think it’s pretty obvious how your skin can breathe properly through this. The net effect it’s got make us look quite hot, but remember, when wearing something like this, pick the right size! If it’s too small you might look a tad vulgar… No!

The white dress underneath is plain and has got a straight cut, though speaking about the colour, it can be any other. Black would be a killer match, but consider fluorescent tints; they’re in this season.

The big sleeves make our arms look tinnier and longer, but make our ribcage look bigger, but don’t freak out! The fake cleavage formed by the contrast of the dress on top and the dress below takes it back to its right size again.

The fist cut is right in the middle of the ribcage, which may make us look wider but also playful, innocent and free.

I so want it in my closet, do you?

Have to go, crazy diamonds! Shine all over and dream on like I know you love to because you never know who needs a little bit of extra light in his/her day. Anyway, it’s always nice to find somebody like that around, isn’t it?

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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