Oh La La!: Celebs Who Love Chloé

Hi everybody!

How are you doing today?  Me? So far, so good ; )

As you may know, this was Chloé’s week, so for today’s post we’re talking about celebs who love Chloé.

This is a match: Chloë Sevigny VS Anja Rubik, who do you think wears it best? 

Today I’m wearing a dress that’s similar to Anja’s, but honestly, I dress more like Chloë, so I’m voting for her. Vote vote vote!!!! The winner look will be analysed and I’ll tell you how to imitate it easily : D

1. Chloë Sevigny

2. Anja Rubik


Have a wonderful day, crazy diamonds! I’ve got to go but you shine all over and dream on because it’s FRIDAY (Friday, gonna get down on Friday * sings * — alright, sorry for that!)

Anyway, take care! Lotta love! Ciao!!!




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