“I AM A WORK OF ART!” Said the one wearing Jean Paul Gaultier’s Haute Couture (Part 2)

Well, hello, crazy diamonds! How’s it going? Wonderful, I hope!

Let’s carry on with the Jean Paul Gaultier’s Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013 Collection’s Top 3!

2nd Place:


2) Look B. Remember how we spoke about beautiful tops on my last post? (http://wp.me/p2X2CO-eR) Well, here’s another one! And what a masterpiece it is! The complexity of the design is probably directly equivalent to the difficulty of the making! I mean, look at those cuts!

The turtleneck is meant to make our necks look longer, and I just love how it sort of joins paths with the sleeves while the chest remains uncovered! Don’t you? Speaking of the sleeves, see how they’re pretty long and practically a second skin? That equals longer and leaner arms.

The open chest emphasizes the small waist and wide hips. The baggy white pants just support this illusion. Note: If you’re short, wear this kind of pants with a smaller top, otherwise you’ll look tiny and thick.

The cleavage partition right in between makes us look taller and gives symmetry. Also, do you realize what kind of figure it shapes? That’s right! An arrow! Pointing towards her face. Pretty clever and with a good sense of humor, isn’t it? Like, everything’s yelling “Stare at my chest”, and when you finally do, the chest screams: “My face is up there!”

Well played, Gaultier, Well played. Me? What can I say? I love it.

That was it for today, crazy diamonds, but don’t you miss the winner outfit tomorrow, alright?! Shine all over and dream on! Remember February 14th is nearby and you never know who might fall for your spark!

Take Care, babies! Lotta Love! Ciao!



Previous post: http://wp.me/p2X2CO-eR

Photos taken from Vogue Spain: http://www.vogue.es/desfiles/primavera-verano-2013-paris-jean-paul-gaultier-1/7959


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