“I AM A WORK OF ART!” Said the one wearing Jean Paul Gaultier’s Haute Couture (Part 3)

Hi! Hi!

Happy February 14th! Do you have a Valentine yet? If not, don’t you worry, I’m sure that being as astounding as you are someone will be knocking on your door in no time!

Anyway, crrraaaazy diamonds, are you ready to meet the winner look of this Top 3?

Well, ready or not, here it comes!


3) Look C. This dress paints a sunset on whoever is wearing it, really. We wanted a work of art and well, this clearly is one of them. The colours are pretty adhoc with the season, don’t you think? I mean, what says “Summer” better than red and yellow?

Horizontal lines may make us look wider but with the transparencies here, it’s clear that we’re not. The asymmetric detail on the shoulder line makes our necks look longer and that one shoulder showing reinforces this effect.

The yellow line right at the waist accentuates it, and the looseness of the skirt below the tights make us look taller (because the lines, all of a sudden, are vertical) and gives every single one of our movements quite some charm, playfulness and classiness.

I’m not a big fan of long dresses but this surely is one to consider!

What do you say? Wearing something similar to celebrate this festivity tonight?

I hope you liked this Top 3 quite as much as I did! Remember to shine all over and dream on! It’s February 14th, everyone! Anything can happen…

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



3rd place: http://wp.me/p2X2CO-eR

2nd place: http://wp.me/p2X2CO-eV

Photos taken from Vogue Spain: http://www.vogue.es/desfiles/primavera-verano-2013-paris-jean-paul-gaultier-1/7959


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