Benvenuti Signorina!: Armani Privé Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013 (Part 3)

Hey there!

How’s it going today, huh? Wonderfully, I hope : )

Well, do you know what day’s today?

That’s right! Winner’s day!

Let’s receive the winner of the Armani Privé Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013 collection, ready?



3) Look C. My! What a dress! Personally, I’d wear it without the leather pants underneath, but, of course, I’d keep the vest. I love layers on the upper part of the body because they tend to stylize chest, waist, hips, neck and arms. I know right!  They’re kind of magic ; )

First of all, the vest. The vest defines the neck, making it look longer. Also, it frames the shoulders. Now, let me tell you this: see how the stripes of the vest divide chest and shoulders into three? That’s how, instead of having a regular size block, now you’ve got pretty thin parts. Another thing about the vest is how it disguises the waist. Layers. It tricks our minds into believing she’s as thin as the part of the dress that’s showing; unconsciously, of course. Notice, too, that the pattern of the applications of the vest is a vertical one. That, as we know, makes anyone look thinner.

Now, the dress. It has got a high cut, which makes waist and hips disappear under a massive amount of fabric and frills. They hide tummy bumps if any. The frills give the whole outfit movement and charm, enhancing us. See how the skirt is longer on the back than in the front? It allows the frills to work their magic because they’ve got more space to dance around. Also, it gives the illusion of being taller than we actually are.

See the shoes? Colour: Nude. Why? To make the legs look longer. And the little black strip? To define the ankles. Also, their design can’t be very complicated because there’s already too much with the frills of the skirt.

Well, that was my winner, what do you think? Does it deserve the first place?

See you soon, crazy diamonds! Have a great day and remember, today’s winner’s day, so…Congratulations : D !!!!

Shine all over and dream on, how bad can it be? ; )

Take Care. Lotta Love. Ciao.



3rd place:

2nd place:

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