Alexis Mabille: Petites Seulement (Part 2)

What’s up, crazy diamonds!

Are you wowing everybody with your outfit today?

The model wearing the second place of the Top 3 of the week is! ; )

Ready or not, here it comes!


2) Look B. I’m loving this outfit because it’s elegant and serious but sexy at the same time. I mean, look at the aperture at the skirt for the leg. Wow.

Speaking of the leg-aperture, it isn’t there only to make you look hotter; it’s actual function is making you look taller. That’s right! Taller! Because it traces a vertical line that lengthens the body.

Like the previous post, this dress is better for slender figures. Why? Because of the buttons on the chest and the bags on the sides. They make the chest and the hips look larger. This effect is reinforced by the belt on the waist.

See the neckline? How it’s sort of crossed? That enlarges the torso, as well as the little v cleavage.

Also, the fabric is very heavy, so it frowns easily. Don’t believe me? Look at the model’s abs: it seems as if there was a weird bump right there; illogical really, because we all know how the bodies of the runway models are shaped up.

The sleeves are long and adhere to the arms so they appear longer and leaner, just like in the previous look.

What do you say? Would you buy it or not really?

If you ask me, the problem with these designs is that Mabille is too used to design for men, whose bodies are configured by straight lines, unlike women’s whose bodies are shaped by curves. Materials and cuts have to be reconsidered. I guess that’s why he designs for thin women, because they’re similar to males.

Well, I hope this post helped you see what to wear or what not to wear according to your complexion.

Keep on shinning and dreaming on, crazy diamonds. That’s the only way to live.

Take care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



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