Alexis Mabille: Petites Seulement (Part 3)

Yellow, crazy diamonds!

Winner’s day today and I’m sure you’re dying to know what the winner design looks like!

Well, why make you wait? Here it is. The winner of the Top 3 of the Alexis Mabille’s Spring-Summer 2013 Haute Couture Collection:


3) Look C. Formal but feminine. It’s sort of the hybrid of the previous two looks, don’t you think? It includes the innocence of the third place and the seriousness of the second.

The flounces add this sort of royal and romantic air to the outfit, don’t they? Only high-class ladies wore them back when they were in vogue. The walking, as you might notice on the photo, gets enhanced by the delicate and caressing movement of the fabric with every step. Thanks to what? To the layers and the frills.

The amount of fabrics also serves the purpose of lengthening the figure, so you appear to be taller.

Now, the jacket, like the one on the second place, enlarges the torso. Why? Because of the belt at the waist, the buttons on the chest and the crossed neckline.

Pay attention to the way the lower part of the jacket embraces the hips: what does it do? It makes them look bigger.

An important thing to mention is the colour: white usually makes everything look larger than it really is. Again, this is why Mabille designs for petites, because his clothes provide them a silhouette.

Still, a pretty outstanding outfit, isn’t it? Would you wear it for a formal brunch?

Have a wonderful weekend, crazy diamonds. Here’s a challenge for you: I dare you to shine all over and dream on at least 17 times through Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Why? Because.

Take care. Lotta Love. Ciao!



3rd place:

2nd place:

Photos taken from VOGUE Spain:


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